Birch Gold Group Review

Before investing investing with any Gold IRA Company, it’s best to educate yourself to see who the reputable gold dealers really are. Which is why in this Birch Gold Group review, we’re going to take an in depth look at the Burbank, California based company.

But first, it’s important to understand that the economy is currently in a downturn. Not only the United States but the world wide economy as a whole. After all if every country is in debt, who has all the money?

Furthermore, with U.S. currency declining in value every year, it’s safe to say that people are on the edge of their nest egg. Especially retirees looking to settle down and enjoy a healthy retirement with their loved ones. Retirement used to be something to look forward to, now it’s something you have to worry about.

Which is why investors are currently looking for an investment they can depend on. An investment that will appreciate in value without falling risk to the economic downturn. This is why now is the time to invest in gold and precious metals.

With the price of gold and silver on the rise, it’s no wonder so many smart investors are turning to gold ira investments. Many companies offer gold ira rollovers, which means you can roll over your 401k into an Individual Retirement Plan that you can depend on.

To begin our Birch Gold Group review, the company offers a variety of services ranging but not limited to:

  • Precious Metals Investments
  • Investing In Gold
  • Gold Backed IRAs
  • 401k to IRA Rollover

But with so many gold IRA companies popping up into existence, how do you know which one you can trust?

Birch Gold Group BBB

0 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed since Dec 17, 2013

Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization with one primary agenda: marketplace trust through reliability reviews of more than 4 million businesses. Now while the BBB is a reputable website, the dots don’t seem to align when it comes to the Birch Gold Group.

The BBB requires each company to go through an accreditation process. Standard paperwork, processing, etc. Any company that wants to receive an A+ rating with the BBB must not only go through this process but pass with flying colors.

Unfortunately for the Birch Gold Group, it seems that they’ve managed to bypass the accreditation process by simply paying for a badge, something any other company can do to claim they’re running an “accredited business.” Not only is this illegitimate, it’s also a disservice to prospective clients who are looking for a company they can trust.

Upon further research of the Birch Gold Group, we were able to find the following information as insufficient enough to back the Birch Gold Groups claims as a trusted company.

Insufficient Information

As the price of gold and silver continue to rise, so do the number of clients in this specific industry. According to trustlink, there are only 28 client reviews from a company who supposedly has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau?

We have an age old saying here at Smart Gold Investments when standard information doesn’t match up: something smells fishy. You would expect at least 100+ reviews from an established company, this would be a great example of honest gold IRA reviews. (link to RA review page)

Business Consumer Alliance Reviews

Responses to complaints over the last 3 years: | Total Complaints: 0

Aside from the Better Business Review we found on the Gold Birch Group, the only other information we found was on the Business Consumer Alliance website. Business Consumer Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit organization which started doing business in 1936. The companies primary objective is to promote self business regulation by assisting consumers in resolving complaints.

What raises an eyebrow about the Birch Gold Group is that there are virtually no known company complaints. As a investor and everyday consumer of goods, you know that company complaints are inevitable. But to find none on the internet is quite appalling. The fact remains that there are no complaints about this company, which should definitely make you a bit uncertain of who you’re doing business with.

What Does This Tell Us?

Any business that is conducting high personal finance transactions should have customer complaints. If you search your local coffee shop, we guarantee you’ll find customer reviews – and that’s a small shop! To see that there are no complaints at all is a very bad sign. It would be one thing if this was a brand new company but the Birch Gold Group website has been active since September 12, 2011.

Why is it that a precious metals IRA company who’s been around for almost 3 years doesn’t have a single complaint? To break it down: this is never a good sign, especially if you’re an investor looking for a company you can trust.

Here are a few reasons why no complaints is a bad sign:

  • The company could have given poor financial advice which did lead to poor customer satisfaction.
  • They easily could have paid a highly paid SEO company to remove all of their bad reviews from the internet.
  • It’s plausible that the company went under new ownership and a re-branding with the intention of starting new.

Benefit of the Doubt

Not all things are all sunshine and rainbows with the Birch Gold Group. Yes, there was a lack of information and virtually no complaints however, their rating with the Better Business Bureau and BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) ratings does give them some credibility.

A lack of negative reviews however, would make any smart gold investor raise an eyebrow and certainly take a second look at the Birch Gold Group before making any investment decisions.

The Smart Gold Investment Verdict

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend investing with the Birch Gold Group due to insufficient information. A couple of A+ ratings doesn’t entirely convince us of this establishments overall credibility.

In order for a company to be trusted, they must have sufficient information online to justify their business. In an age where the internet is “written in ink” – meaning there are no secrets – the Birch Gold Group seems to fly under the radar in such a popular industry.

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