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The modern gold rush is on. With the gold industry as a whole in a booming phase, it’s hard to tell which companies want to help you, versus those that are only out for their bottom line. Sadly enough, you have trustworthy Gold IRA Companies who are overshadowed by companies like Rosland Capital, who seems to be in-between the ladder of good and bad.

With so many Rosland Capital Complaints springing up on the inter-webs, it’s difficult to tell if this financial institution is one that can be trusted. We put this Rosland Capital Review together to shed light on the company for it’s good and bad. Upon checking out trusted company advocate websites like the Better Business Bureau, The Complaints Board, and the Ripoff Report, we hope that you’ll be able to determine whether Rosland Capital is the right Gold IRA Company for you.

Rosland Capital BBB Review

As one of the top consumer advocate companies for over a century, the Better Business Bureau is head of the pack when it comes to reviewing companies. Despite this longstanding history, the BBB has come under scrutiny for giving companies an A+ seal of accreditation.

The Better Business Bureau goes off of a grading system of A+ to F. Before a company can become accredited they have to file paperwork and pay a large sum of money. Therefore, any company can become accredited with the right strings being pulled.

A thorough Rosland Capital Review had to have been done, since they were an accredited business with the BBB. However, upon further research, it seems as if the BBB has revoked the A+ rating of the Santa Monica, CA company and now shows Rosland Capital as under Review.

Before they were removed for the BBB review, Rosland Capital Complaints were primarily focused on false advertising and poor customer service. It’s clear to see why the company has been under further review. Allegations like this and the fact that the company was discredited with their A+ rating should make any investor pause before making an investment decision.

The Complaints Board

Another trusted Consumer Advocacy business we looked at is the Complaints Board. With their slogan ‘Made by the People For The People,’ customers can come here and review and share their experiences with companies.

In regards to Rosland Capital Complaints, there are tons of complaints from unhappy customers. It is very clear to see that the company is not in good standings among consumers on the Complaints Board.

One consumer, Jim Francis, claims that Rosland Capital is a rip off and in fact scammed him. After investing $80,000 or his IRA money, Jim was sold 27 proof gold coins at a time when gold was about $1,300 an ounce but was closed on $3,000 an ounce when the deal was done.

While he does take responsibility for not researching the marketing, Jim goes on to advise other Complaints Board reviewers to not trust Rosland. It’s clear to see that Jim was an amateur and Rosland Capital took advantage of his lack of knowledge, up-selling him on Gold Coins that were not worth $3,000 an ounce at the time of purchase.

Ripoff Report

As one of the new kids on the block, The Ripoff Report has quickly made a name as one of the up and coming consumer advocate websites. They offer clients to express their voices and companies have a chance to rebuttal and respond to complaints. It is definitely an open floor when it comes to resolving customer issues for the rest of the public to see.

Unfortunately for Rosland Capital, there seems to be a pattern sprouting up that is very familiar with the Complaints Board website. Consumers have once again complaints about poor customer service, misleading information, and being cheating out of their Gold IRA Investments.

Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 15 Complaints

The BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) also has a number of complaints that are primarily focused on overcharging for gold coins that were not worth the initial investment amount. One consumer speaks on how he asked for a refund after the price of gold had risen to a spot price of $1,900 an ounce.

He wanted to cash out and was told by a Rosland associate that he would be charged a 35% penalty fee. After disputing the fee, Rosland Capital said it would refund his money in ‘the spirit of good business.’ This seems that Rosland was at fault but gave a full refund to avoid any further negative publicity. If the refund was issues in the spirit of good business, one would assume that every other complaint would have been handled the exact same way.

The Other Side

Despite all of the negative reviews and comments posted by former clients, Rosland Capital is not all that bad. Terrible internet reviews can spread like wildfire when one consumer complaints. And like any business, complaints will always come and go. There are clients who speak highly of the company and some who loved their overall experience. This financial institution cannot be that bad seeing as how they do have a happy customer base.

The Final Word

Despite having the light shed on Rosland Capital, one cannot totally excuse the overwhelming amount of complaints. One of the biggest concerns we have is how Rosland has handled these complaints. We also question the information and misleading sales tactics of Rosland. While there are happy customers, it’s hard to dismiss the fact that a majority of reviews found online were negative.

When looking for a gold IRA company, you want a company who has is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, has raving reviews and more importantly has quality information and services that are honest. Integrity is something hard to come by in this industry and we do believe that the intergrity of Rosland Capital is in question after our research.

Investing in Gold, like any other investment, is never promised and companies should let you know up front how the process works. Gold IRA Companies should be there to educate and inform, it seems that Rosland is there to mislead based on the reviews we’ve read. We advise that you investigate further if considering this company, as there are better alternatives out there with a much better track record.

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