Checkbook IRA Reviews

With tons of financial shows on MSNBC to FoxNews, it’s really hard to trust what anyone says these days. Especially when the economy as a whole is spiraling down the economic funnel of doom. Investors are shaky and so are the American people. So with so much turmoil going on and lots of Gold IRA Custodians available, how do you know which company you can trust?

This is where precious metals companies like Checkbook IRA come into play. They offer services ranging from self directed IRAs to various other IRA services. It appears that their primary focus is on that of the businessman or woman but not limited to the everyday investor. But since many other companies are offering these exact same services, like rolling over your 401k into an Individual Retirement Account, what makes Checkbook IRA any different from the rest?

In this Checkbook IRA Review, we’ve gone in depth to bring the the best information possible to make your investment decision a bit easier. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find any real valuable information that could suit you, making us come to an early conclusion that the company’s anonymity all together is a bit rare. Please read till the end as there are always better alternatives to consider.

Better Business Bureau

0 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months

As the old saying goes “never judge a book by it’s cover,” the same could be said about Checkbook IRA. Never judge a company by it’s accreditation’s. At first glance everything appears as if this is a company with good standards, especially with a seal of accreditation from the grandfather of consumer protection – the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) prides themselves on protecting consumers by way of putting companies, especially financial institutions, through a series of hoops to ensure that they’re a trustworthy company. Ironically, Checkbook IRA Reviews seize to exist on the official BBB website.

This would lead any smart investor to believe that something is a bit odd and would require further investigations. While the BBB does support this company, we don’t see a reason as to why they would. There are no positive or negative reviews on the BBB website and the only reviews that seem to exist online are on the Checkbook IRA testimonial tab. The website even appears to be poorly put together, which seems odd for a Gold IRA Company that has has helped “thousands” all across the United States. This information alone would make any consumer doubt the credibility of the company.

But Wait.. There’s More…

If you wanted to start a company that was targeting Dog Lovers wouldn’t it be wise to name your company “Dog Lovers LLC.” We’d sure like to think that any smart businessman would do so.

This ironically appears to be the same thing that Checkbook IRAs has done. If you hadn’t already known, the term Checkbook IRA is also known as a Self Directed IRA which basically refers to the way that your IRA is managed.

For example: You’re the owner of your Individual Retirement Fund (IRA) and you want to invest it with a company. From this point forward when any investments happen (successful or unsuccessful), these responsibilities fall back on the plan owner and not the company that’s investing for you.

This means that your essentially giving a company the freedom to play with your hard earned money while you site back and hope they turn a profit, all while claiming ownership of any poor investments financially. This should make any investor take a step back and asses their investment and is exactly why there has been a lot of negative speculations on Self Directed IRAs. The final decision is yours but you would surely be influenced by the financial adviser of the company you’ve opened an IRA with.

Finally, companies like Checkbook IRA know that by creating a domain name with the words Checkbook IRA in the website, that they’re likely to find and influence financially illiterate investors.

If you were searching for the term Checkbook IRA in Google, it’s likely that you’ll have found their website and would then conduct business with them if you liked the information provided on their website whether it’s sound advice or not. This is where you should be wary and should do your homework thoroughly before proceeding any further.

Lack of Information

As mentioned before, there are virtually no Checkbook IRA company reviews. The only one’s found online are that on their own website, which should make any investor believe that the testimonials are a bit skewed or bias.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve taken the time to research any other Gold IRA Companies, you’ll have found that all of them (or most) have a trail of breadcrumbs. There are positive and negative reviews and even ordinary people talking about the company.

This company however, has absolutely nothing. It’s almost as if they’re a company that doesn’t exist. Any company that has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2006 should have something. To see that this financial company has absolutely nothing should leave you wondering what the true nature of the company is, and should make any investor proceed with caution.

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