Heritage Gold Group Review

The precious metals industry has been widely known by top economists as a great way to take advantage of little known loopholes. It has been known as a great way to not only diversify your investment portfolio but also as a way to secure your individual wealth.

This is where gold IRA companies such as Heritage Gold Group come into the picture. Like many other precious metals companies, Heritage Gold Group offers a wide variety of investment options. Gold and Silver IRAs and 401ks being their primary investment options.

When Heritage Gold Group was founded by Trevor Gerszt in 2006, it was founded under as a division of another gold IRA company – Goldco Direct. With that in mind, the financial investments industry has been known to prey on clients who lack financial literacy.

Although most financial institutions have your best interest in mind, there are some out there who are posed to pick your pocket book. While Heritage Gold Group is advertising gold as an investment through gold backed IRA rollovers, is this a company you can trust?

Heritage Gold Group Complaints Absent

Typically when you’re looking for gold IRA company reviews, you tend to run into an upset consumer review. Oddly enough, we’ve yet to find any Heritage Gold Group complaints. Now this can either be a really good or a really bad sign. Good because it means that the company doing business has such a reputable standing with their clients, that it’s almost as if there’s brand loyalty and no clients have anything bad to say.

Or, this could mean that Heritage Gold Group is up to no good. In the digital era, every company has what’s called a “digital trail.” This means that any and everything about a company should have a history trail that shows their previous reviews, complaints, praise, etc. Heritage Gold Group lacks any negative comments and a digital breadcrumb trail.

Look up your favorite Coffee Shop or favorite local Restaurant and you’ll be sure to find consumer reviews. You almost always find pros, cons, and neutral reviews of any establishment. But the only reviews we’ve been able to find (positive only) on HGG is on their own website – and there obviously aren’t any negative comments about their brand to be found there.

Better Business Bureau

0 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013


The Better Business Bureau is a company that prides themselves on protecting the consumer. What’s better is that consumers can go rate and review their experience with a company. Companies can then go review the complaints and offer any additional services to better satisfy their clients. Puzzling enough, Heritage Gold Group has no reviews and consumer complaints are entirely absent for this A+ rated company. Deserving of the accreditation or deception in plain sight?



Trustlink is another consumer review website that claims to be for the consumer. But did you know that Trustlink is actually a related branch to the Better Business Bureau? The standard procedure for receiving an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is as follows: fill out some paperwork and pay a little bit of money.

With the lack of reviews on the BBB website and the lack of congruent reviews on Trustlink, one can only speculate and wonder if Trustlink is really for the consumers? Is there something bigger going on here or is this just a coincidence? This is definitely something to take into consideration, especially for investors who are looking to invest a suitable amount of income.

Business Consumer Alliance

Total Complaints: 0


The Tarzana, California based precious metals company racked up an “astounding” 2 reviews. Both of which were positive. If your local mom-and-pop grocery store has more consumer reviews online, shouldn’t a financial institution who’s handling millions of dollars in assets have more?

Lack of Information Isn’t Always Bad

On the bright side, Heritage Gold Group could quite possibly be one of those companies who simply offers excellent customer service, market matched prices and are a company that prides themselves on serving their clients with the highest standard possible.

The lack of reviews doesn’t always necessarily mean that the company is bad. It could mean that clients are so satisfied with their services, that they really don’t have anything bad to say about them. You could even speculate that they have such a person-to-person connection with their clients, that all complaints are resolved immediately before a negative review can ever hit a consumer review based website.

The positive reviews that they do have, offer lots of praise for the company. This shows that they are reputable online and that they must be doing something right.

Questions To Consider

How is it that a gold IRA company that claims to be able to help customers, have absolutely no history online of how they’ve actually helped their clients? From the looks of it, it’s almost as if they are promoting hype and don’t have any social proof to back their claims.

After browsing their Facebook page, we’ve even found pictures of exotic women and other images that have nothing to do with financial investments. If that wasn’t enough, images of CEO Trevor Gerszt can’t be found anywhere online. Is this really a company you can trust, or just another hoax of a financial institution that’s looking to prey on your hard earned money?

The overall lack of information however, makes it difficult for us to come to a precise conclusion on the company. If Heritage Gold Group are as good as they claim to be, it’s expected that the information would be out their on public display. Unfortunately for consumers peace of mind, the information is no where to be found which leaves us perplexed and worried. Smart investors should conduct further research before making an investment decision with this company.

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