Broad Financial Review

In recent years, many companies have sprouted into the financial services industry. With the economy funneling down into oblivion, a vast amount of these companies have been smart enough to invest and roll over into Self Directed Roth IRAs, as well as Individual Retirement Accounts backed by gold.

As comforting as it may seem to see all of these companies going down the same direction, you don’t really know


which company has your best interest in mind. Which is why in this Broad Financial Review, we’re going to review what the company is about, Broad Financial Complaints and many other key points.

From the novice eye Broad Financial appears to be a reputable company who has earned the trust of their clientele. While they self directed ira company has appealed to many investors with it’s welcoming website, reviews online say otherwise about the Monsey, New York based business.

Broad Financial Complaints and Reviews

Upon further research online, we’ve discovered some unturned stones that show the dark side of the company. We’ll be digging deep into Better Business Bureau reviews, The Ripoff Report which a consumer driven complaints site, as well as other internet reviews that have led us to believe there is uncertainty brewing abroad. We advise that you read every reviews on this page before making any future investments decisions.

Better Business Bureau

2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months

At the point of this writing, Broad Financial is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, holding an A+ rating. While the grade of an A+ appears well and good at first glance, customer reviews say otherwise.

With complaints varying from customer service issues all the way down to advertising, sales, and even unauthorized billing issues. One complaint specifically focuses on gold based IRAs and other gold investments.

Although these may seem like typical complaints, it goes to show that investors have not been happy with Broad Financial. In an industry that prides itself on serving the people, it appears that Broad Financial services has not risen to the occasion.

The Ripoff Report

As mentioned earlier, the Ripoff Report is as the slogan says “By consumers, for consumers…” This implies that the website as a whole is user driven and is a consumer based review site. This a place where consumers from every area can come together and voice their opinions of a particular company they’ve done business with.

For the sake of this Broad Financial Review, there happens to be various Broad Financial complaints that have not gone unnoticed. One of the bigger complaints we found stemmed around false investment information all the way to bad deals.

The unsatisfied customer then goes on to say that Broad Financial is not the company it advertises itself as and pulls your arm and leg to draw money from your bank account. Furthermore, the associates were called dishonest and were known to withhold honest information and/or bending the truth. We here at Smart Gold investments advise that you take this Broad Financial review into consideration.

Further Information

We’ve come to find that Broad Financial has no Google Reviews and is not associated with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), a free service that dedicates it’s information so consumers can learn about a business before engaging with them. With the lack of credibility found and numerous negative reviews, smart investors should pause before making a final decision on going with this company.

Positive Ratings

For every bad review there is a good one. Broad Financial actually has a Five Star rating with Yelp, showing that they do indeed have many highly satisfied clients. They also do business well enough to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, showing that they do in fact hold themselves to a high standard.

They’ve even got an eye appealing website that invites curious consumers in who are interested in rolling over their 401ks into self directed IRAs. Their site provides valuable information that would entice any investor. So things are not all that bad with Broad Financial and in fact could be a lot worse.

Conclusion On Broad Financial

To be frank, Broad Financial paints the picture very well. They’ve got a very clear image of how they want to be portrayed and even have positive reviews from sites like Yelp to back up their claims. However, the amount of negative reviews we’ve found does not dismiss the true motives of the IRA company.

Many customers whom have done business with Broad Financial are looking to retire in comfort and have a future they can look forward to. With the company offering a plethora of services in the financial services industry – ranging from Individual 401Ks, Self Directed Roth IRAs and Self Managed 401ks, it’s no wonder they’ve attracted so much attention and business. They have a track record that speaks wonders beyond the services they offer and have even been in business for over 10 years.

Unfortunately, we have to make our final decision and reveal the truth. From the amount of Broad Financial complaints that we’ve found, we have to conclude that Broad Financial has left a lot of stones (complaints) unturned. Instead of handling customer service with grace and better managing their billing, they’ve done the opposite and have at times provided falsified information. This is something that brings massive disgrace in the financial services industry and should not be ignored.

At the very least, we advise that you do your due diligence and do more in depth research on this company, as well as other IRA companies as well. The last thing you want is to invest in a company that looks good on paper but doesn’t perform when the game of life is on the line. Although positive reviews may skew your decision, it’s certainly best to use a bit of caution and gut instinct when considering this financial institution.

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