Bullion Direct Review

While the economy continues to grow unstable and the market appearing at a dead end with no alternative route in sight, new breeds of gold IRA companies have been popping up out of nowhere. This is where a new comer in Bullion Direct has shown it’s cards. While most other financial companies offer traditional options of investing such as stocks and bonds, Bullion Direct offers a slightly different approach in that it allows it’s consumers to invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, etc.

To be more specific, they help their clients roll over their existing 401k retirement plans into gold backed IRAs and other precious metal based investments. In this Bullion Direct Review, we’re going to be looking at some of the top consumer advocacy sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Trustlink and the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) to see if this is a company that can be trusted in this harsh times. Will we find a diamond in the rough that puts them at the head of the board? Let’s dive in and see..

Bullion Direct Better Business Bureau

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months


One of the first places we conduct our research is through consumer advocacy organizations, in this case we’ll start with the Better Business Bureau. Long considered the “watch dog” of client protection, the BBB has gained a reputation of excellence for grading companies both good and bad – especially financial institutions. As of this writing Bullion Direct has received an A+ grade, the highest rating possible. They are also accredited through the BBB which means they’ve met the standards of the Better Business Bureaus grading requirements.

While this may appear to have Bullion Direct at the head of the pack in gold IRA rollover services, the grading system of the BBB has come under recent scrutiny. Most companies that get accredited with the BBB are required to pay a small fee and file some paperwork to receive their grade. This leaves consumers questioning the business ethics of the BBB and their grading as well. The entire system implies that their system is rigged, making it actually quite easy to become an accredited business. We highly recommend checking out other company ratings as well before doing business with any financial services company as it’s always best to weigh the pros and cons.


**insufficient information**


Another trusted consumer advocacy organization we check is Trustlink. Unfortunately, there is no information in regards to Bullion Direct. While they do have a user profile, there appears to be a lack of consumer reviews, ratings, or comments for that matter.

How is it that a company can have an A+ rating with the BBB yet have no rating or no track record with Trustlink? This raises a red flag for us.

Business Consumer Alliance

**insufficient information**

Bullion Direct currently holds a B rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, another consumer advocacy organization. There are however no comments, ratings, or complaints that have been documented on the BCA website.

Lack of Information/Consumer Experiences

Consumer Advocacy Organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, Trustlink and the Business Consumer Alliance are just scratching the surface. There are many other independently ran websites where users can leave post their comments and overall experience with any given company.

Things aren’t all that bad with Bullion Direct but the lack of information on such a “reputable” company should raise question among any individual looking to invest in precious metals. For example: one consumer review alleges that the representatives at Bullion Direct accepted money for orders that were never shipped as promised, while another consumer states that the product quality were not representative as advertised and were in fact poor.

Another key note we found was that the company does not take phone calls in regards to handling customer support. All of this was done solely through email. Which is odd seeing as how Bullion Direct requests your phone number when trying to get a hold of them via their contact page. How is it that a precious metals company who handles millions of dollars in transactions are not able to provide quality customer support? One can only speculate..

Final Word

Bullion Direct is not a bad company, in fact there are many satisfied consumers. However, the lack of information raises suspicion that not all is right. In the digital era of today, you can typically find a digital breadcrumb of information that reveals a companies history entirely. As it’s been said “the internet is written in ink.”

To find such a vast whole of mystery is odd in itself and raises concern. The poor customer support additionally reveals a low standard held in that area of their company. Person to person interaction is crucial, especially when servicing consumers who have invested ten’s of thousands of their hard earned dollars. Are their better alternatives? Absolutely.

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