Bullion Vault Review

Like all of our other Gold IRA Company Reviews we conduct here at Smart Gold Investments, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. In this BullionVault Review, we go over the pros and cons of the New York based gold buying and selling company.

As it stands they are currently the number one online company within the United States as well as in the United Kingdom – or at least they claim to be. While the claim itself is bold beyond belief, it’s understandable to proclaim yourself as the best in such a competitive industry. However, we put the companies name to the test by researching the top consumer advocacy groups such as the Better Business Bureau and highly regarded review websites..

BullionVault Better Business Bureau


BullionVaults claims are already falling up short as they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Although they are a multi-national company it is surprising that they have not sought accreditation from one of the biggest consumer advocacy organizations in the world.

One would think that the New York based company would file for accreditation since a BBB “seal of approval” would only boost their credibility. This could be a smart move on BullionVaults part, seeing as how accreditation with the BBB requires some paperwork filed and a small fee to be paid. Perhaps they’re staying on top of the game and doing something different to show they’re worth much more?


BullionVault is currently not registered nor listed with consumer advocacy group Trustlink.

Business Consumer Alliance

BullionVault is currently not registered nor listed with the Business Consumer Alliance, another well known trusted consumer advocacy group.

Independent Reviews

From what we’ve dug up on the interwebs there is actually  lot of good to be said about BullionVault but there are also levels of uncertainty with the precious metals dealer.

You would think that by going off of the companies opinions about themselves that there is nothing bad about them. However there are other independently ran review sites that share that customers are not pleased with the companies services. One of the featured BullionVault Complaints we came across surrounded around the companies website tools with claims that they aren’t user friendly. One of their employees has even anonymously submitted that they would not recommend the services to anyone.

One client on ResellerRatings said this about BullionVaults customer service:

“They treat you like you are a child, they do nothing but give you the run around and they love to delay things further by taking advantage of the time zone difference between the US and the UK” – Mikez1968


Every company in the financial services industry is bound to get a few complaints. It’s no surprise that BullionVault has their share of dissatisfied clients. The reality is that no company is going to be able to please everyone at all times. It took us quite a bit of time to dig up these complaints and client reviews anyhow, so they really are far and few in-between. Is there anything that sets BullionVault apart from the rest of the pack? That’s hard to say as we didn’t find any valuable information on that either. While they aren’t registered with the BBB, they still have a quality reputation but as always it’s wise to research other companies before making any investment decisions.

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