United States National Debt: Food For Thought

If you need a bit more clarity as to how shocking our National Debt is, here’s some food for thought: The US National Debt is increasing at an exponential rate of $3,600,000,000 per day or approximately $42,000 per second. You no longer need imaging how damaging this is to our economy because it’s real and happening every single second.

The reality is that the United States dollar and it’s overall value is declining everyday. What’s even scarier, the European debt crisis happening across the Atlantic isn’t getting any better. Despite the economic turmoil, the price of gold continues to soar higher and higher. The price of gold has gone up and has even tripled in the past decade alone, showing a consistent track record of growth between 2001 to 2012, over 12 years of sustainable growth.

Gold has had it’s wavy moments but you will see on the line graph that the jagged line shows sustainability rather than a line of decline. This proves that the trend has shown growth and history shows the same trend of progressive growth that investors can rely on.

Take the year 2013 for example: many traders saw the price of gold withdraw a bit from previous high points, yet it’s recommend that buying into the dips (as smart traders would say) is a great investment opportunity.

So why has the price of gold continued to rise over the past decade? The answer is simple: gold and economic downfalls go hand in hand. Whenever the economy spirals downward, the price of overall value of gold goes on the rise. It’s no secret that when the going gets tough, people turn to gold for economic security. And history shows that gold has never failed the people.

Take a look around your current city or town. You’ll notice that in recent times, tons of cash for gold business have been sprouting up like daises in the Spring. It’s no coincidence that history has been repeating itself and that even big businesses and governments have been cashing in. The latest countries to get involved in this new modern day gold rush have been India and China.

What’s even better is everyday people just like you have been investing in gold. Buying into the precious metal is no longer something is exclusively held out to the super wealthy. There’s never been an easier time to purchase physical gold and add it as part of your individual retirement plan.

If you’ve found yourself asking “should I invest in Gold right now,” the answer is right away. Gold as an investment long term investment is the way to go. Smart nvestors recommend it, the charts show it, and history says do it now. With all of this proof, it’s only makes sense to invest into a Gold IRA to secure your economic nest egg.

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