How To Set Up A Gold IRA Account (Step By Step)

What Does The Process For Setting Up A Gold IRA Account Entail?

When setting up your own Gold Backed IRA with Regal Assets, here’s how the easy hassle free process works:

1. Request your free Gold IRA Rollover Kit. Once you do this, one of their representatives will get in contact with you to answer all of your questions!

2. When you receive your kit, it will come with a 1 page easy to fill out setup form.

3. Once you fill out the form, you’ll scan it and email it back to them. After this point Regal Assets will pretty much take care of the rest!

4. When they receive your form, they’ll email you all of the required paperwork which they will fill out for you. All you do after that is sign it, scan it, and email it!

5. Once they receive your signed paperwork, they will setup a self directed IRA with Sterling Trust and will advise you an account number as soon as they get it.

6. Once you get your account setup with Sterling Trust, they’ll work with your existing custodian to transfer your funds from your existing retirement plan to Sterling Trust. This entire process is tax free and you won’t have any penalties.

7. When Sterling Trust, a broker will ask you what type of metals you want in your portfolio. If you aren’t sure, a Regal Assets Executive who will help you out with any questions as to what types of precious metals you should be investing in.

8. After you have your questions answered and choose the metals you want in your portfolio, Sterling Trust will send your funds to Regal Assets. In return, Regal Assets will send your selected metals to your depository (of your choosing of course, which Regal Assets will help you choose.)

9. You’re all done! You’ll now receive quarterly statements and can even check the progress of your gold backed IRA account online 24/7.

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