Gainesville Coins Review

It’s no secret that times are tough for many investors, which is why most are looking for non-paper based investments – turning to precious metals as a reliable means of securing their financial future.

One of the many ways that investors are purchasing gold, silver and other precious metals is through the internet. This is where companies like Gainesville Coins come in to offer their online services.

One of the main things to look for while researching a precious metals dealer is a quality looking website that provides a plethora of handy information. Not only should the information help you on your end but it should also guide you step by step on how to wisely invest your hard earned money to secure your financial future.

Unlike most other precious metals dealers we’ve reviewed, Gainesville Coins has one of the better websites we’ve seen. They’ve got tons of helpful info on precious metals, precious metals charts and even real time pricing. While these are all promising finds they are also all standards and most gold dealers should have them on their site anyways.

In this Gainesville Coins Review we investigate the Lutz, Florida based precious metals company to further discover if this is the right company to do business with, if they’re ahead of the pack and if there are better alternatives. Let’s dive in..

Gainesville Coins Better Business Bureau

43 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 14 closed in last 12 months
43 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 14 closed in last 12 months – See more at:

Gainesville Coins currently holds an A+ grade and accreditation through the Better Business Bureau, however there are over forty-three complaints that have been filed against the company within the past three years. Making it one of the highest complaints rate against precious metals dealers we’ve ever reviewed.

Most of the Gainesville Coins Complaints revolve around delivery issues and problems with their products or services. They also have a few advertising and sales based complaints that have been filed against them. More noteworthy are the twenty-four complaints filed on delivery issues alone. This can only mean that Gainesville Coin have issues on swiftly delivering the products they’re selling.

Over 14 complaints have been closed within the past 12 months, this is indeed true and good on the end of the company. But any company dealing with millions of dollars worth of investments each year should be able to deliver on their product in a timely manner. Certainly this cannot be overlooked.


Gainesville Coins is currently not listed or registered with Trustlink, one of the bigger consumer advocacy groups.

Gainesville Coins Yelp Reviews

One of the more popular consumer review websites, holding reviews ranging from your local mom and pop shop all the way to precious metals dealers is Yelp. This website grants clients from all types of businesses to rate and comment on their experience.

The majority of the reviews on Yelp relating to Gainesville Coins are negative. The complaints on this site range from bad customer service to not getting the product shipped.

One customer claims that the company has poor customer service. After wanting to try the company he invested a small amount to see how they worked, testing the waters to say the least. He then spent a more than extended period of time verifying his identity, only to receive an email informing him that his order had been cancelled due to identity verification issues. After calling the company to sort the matter out he was unable to get through to a company representative. He then claims that they company only took action in contacting him after they had already debited his card and then was debited with a 5% cancellation fee. Not only was this poor customer service but fraudulent charges as well when the mans identity was never confirmed.

Another customer states that after ordering $20,0000 worth of product he never received a shipment. He goes on to say that Gainesville Coins sent him a bill and said they would sue him if they didn’t receive their money, even though he claims he never received the shipment. He then tried to contact the company but could never get in touch with anyone to sort the matter out.

Final Word

By no means at all is Gainesville Coins a terrible company, in fact they have a lot of satisfied clients and have been in business for years. There is a lot of positive feedback to be found on the web about the company, plus it’s worth mentioning that they’ve taken the time to respond to each and every single one of their complaints.

When considering any gold or precious metals dealer, it’s important to look at all angles through thorough research. Which is the amount of negative comments and complaints cannot be ignored. It’s no secret that they’ve had trouble delivering on the products that they sell, this should raise concern as quality and on time delivery is standard among all precious metals dealers. We don’t see what sets this company apart from the rest of the pack and recommend doing more research before going with this company or any other company.

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