Goldline Reviews: Consumer Reviews and Complaints Reveal Truth

economic environment, a lot of investors and retirees are not only concerned about the economy, but with inflation and unemployment as well. Many hard working people are looking for better investment options, such as smart stock portfolios. Unfortunately for many hard working people, they don’t know where to start or how to invest in the first place. This is where financial institutions like Goldline International come into play.

In the world of financial investments, there are companies you can trust and companies that you simply can’t bet a dollar on. Some of these companies provide sound financial advice, whereas other institutions leave you hanging in the cold because they had their own best interest in mind, rather than your own. So with so many gold buying and selling companies around like Goldline International, how do you know which one you can trust? In this Goldline Review, we’re going to go in depth with the Santa Monica, California based gold IRA company and reveal the true nature of their business ethics based on consumer reviews.

Trustlink Reviews

Our first Goldline Reviews come from Trustlink. Trustlink is a consumer review site that is dedicated to protecting consumers through consumer reviews. The Santa Monica, California gold dealers unfortunately, aren’t in very good standings with trustlink nor their consumers.

The company not only has a very low grade with Trustlink but also boasts a number of complaints. Some of these Goldline complaints vary from hidden fees, poor customer service, price markups and even being taken advantage of by sales reps.

One customer complains that Goldline is not the company they claim to be. Further stating that they failed to return his calls and even when they did, the representatives beat around the bush and instead spoke about the weather. Client claims that they misrepresent the cost of their proof coins and are not honest about the precious metals price spread. He goes on to say that he will never do business with them again and that their spread prices, in his opinion, are criminal.

Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 41 Complaints

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) also provides some in depth information on the gold IRA company. With over 41 Goldline complaints, the credibility isn’t looking to well for this company. One consumer alleges that the company is charging a higher price than the normal market prices. The client goes on to say that when they confronted the company, they diverted the questions. Furthermore the gold investor finished off their dispute by saying that, when advised by his financial adviser, that he should have been paying less for gold instead of the marked up prices.

It’s complaints like these that not only tarnish the name of financial companies, but that also creates skepticism in an industry that is soo prosperous. If more financial institutions acted with honesty, integrity, and ethics – problems like this wouldn’t have to see the light of day because they wouldn’t arise. With 41 complaints, any smart investor would think twice. Finally, Goldline responded to the consumers complaint with: “COMPANY REFUSES TO RESPOND TO BCA.” This does not sound like a Gold company who has their clients best interest in mind.

Goldline International BBB (Better Business Bureau)

6 complaints with BBB since 12/30/2013

While consumer review sites like the Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink completely downed Goldline International. It seems as if the company has little to no consumer complaints when it comes to the Better Business Bureau website.

Oddly enough, the company is not accredited with the BBB and doesn’t seem to have a grade, something standard that the Better Business Bureau provides with every business it reviews. Nevertheless, there are still a total of 6 complaints in regards to Goldline on the BBB website. Most of these complaints revolve around problems with the product and service.

We must take into consideration however, that the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) used to be a part of the Better Business Bureau. It wasn’t until later that the BCA split off to Southern, California; which could mean that the 6 BBB complaints could have broken off onto the BCA website. In conclusion, the complaints still add up to an astounding number, one that can only make any investor cringe.

Final Conclusion

As with any financial institution, especially gold dealers, consumer complaints are expected. In many of the cases, consumers who complaints against Goldline International made poor investment decisions or complaints about something as small as poor communication. Goldline is not responsible for the market changes nor can they (or any other) institution control them.

Ups-and-downs on the stock market happen and unfortunately, sometimes investors make poor investment decisions. Aside from the poor investment decisions of some clients, we cannot overlook the obvious truth that Goldline has poor customer service. With Goldline reviews resulting in over 60+ complaints, combines with the BBB, BCA and Trustlink, this is absolutely intolerable – especially with a financial company handling millions of dollars in transactions.

In conclusion, smart investors want a company they can trust. A company that cares about their financial needs and one that makes rolling over a 401(k) into a gold IRA easy. Not a company that lacks in customer service and causes worry. There are many other gold IRA companies out there that can fit the bill of quality service, unfortunately, Goldline does not fit that description.

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