Rosland Capital Complaints

Rosland Capital Complaints have hit the internet by surge. Particularly on the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and Trustlink websites. Be sure to read our thorough review of Regal Assets, our #1 recommended gold IRA dealer online.

Many Rosland Capital commercials have recently been airing on the likes of Fox News and MSNBC. It is believed that Rosland Capital actor William Devane, is a paid celebrity endorser.

Although he claims to use their services and is quoted on their site saying, “I buy my gold from Rosland Capital because ounce for ounce they’re as good as gold-what’s in your safe?” It’s unsure if he’s merely saying this due to endorsement ties.

The company was founded in 2008 and currently has an office in Santa Monica, California. The precious metals the company deals with are silver, palladium and gold.

Consumer Complaints

Complaint on Better Business Bureau Site

“The company will not tell me the status of my order, and does not return my calls. On Jan 30 I expedited a check for 1563.60 for the purchase and shipping of 1 gold American buffalo, and 10 silver maple leafs. The order was confirmed (#XXXXXXXXX). The check cleared my bank on Feb 5th. They promise to ship within 10 days. It has been 20 days. I have called them 4 times and cannot seem to talk with anyone who can help me or tell me the status of the order. Each time I called, they said that someone by the name of ****** ***** would call back. Never did. I feel quite helpless and cheated.”

Complaint on Business Consumer Alliance Site

“Bought $1 Silver Peace (90% silver). Rep. for this transaction. I was told these coins Rosland would by back full price or higher. I paid $40 per coin (80x$40=$3,200). At the time I told the rep. these coins are worth about $32, he told me he would buy these back for $47 and he said these were market. He told me I didn’t know what I was buying, a fantastic deal. These are not good quality that I thought I was buying. I was told on purchase day that Rosland would by back these coins at “market price” of $47 OR HIGHER. Hope they taped my conversation, because I asked him how can he make a claim like that, he told me Rosland Capital will do. I know he taped the purchase confirmation. I finally received the coins today (3-4-2013), after numerous phone calls about why they haven’t shipped and almost 3 weeks after purchase, he told me today he would ONLY buy these back for only $30 each. This is a rip off. He told me he did not say anything about buying them back for $47. Three weeks later these coins are now worth %33 percent less? The rep. then refused to talk to me further and transferred me to a voice message system Unacceptable. Please refund my money for a return product. This is gross misrepresentation. Please, I want just all my money back”

Complaint on Trustlink Site

“Most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. They do not tell you about their 35-30% upcharge over actual value of coins. Beware of bait & switch. They have no conscience and do not care about their customers. If you are stupid enough to do business with them – KNOW your prices. CROOKS !!”


The Business Consumer Alliance awards Rosland Capital with an AAA rating, although there are 7 complaints filed.

The Better Business Bureau awards Rosland with an A+ rating, although there are 7 complaints filed on their website as well.

Trustlink has given the gold IRA dealer 3/5 stars. Based on the 18 Rosland Capital reviews left by consumers, 11 were not satisfied.


We put together this Rosland Capital Complaints and Reviews to highlight numerous third party experiences from the consumers themselves. Consumers who were looking to invest in gold and 401k to IRA rollovers shared their thoughts on the services rendered by Rosland. While the company is one of the newer precious metal dealers in the space today, negative reviews can only harm their image.

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