Morgan Gold Review

As the US Economy spirals downwards with uncertainty, the gold market is on the rise and looks to have a bright future ahead. Many smart investors are already following suit in their search for ‘greener pastures’ by investing in gold IRA investment options in gold.

This is where Irvine, California’s Morgan Gold comes into the picture, offering their financial services for investors far and wide. With former US Mint Director Ed Moy as their chief strategist, it’s clear to see why investors would consider this gold IRA company with a credible figure as a backing.

However, is credibility from one individual alone enough to invest tens of thousands of dollars? Despite the backing of Ed Moy and cameo’s on major television networks, we can’t help but wonder if the entire truth is being told. After scraping the entire surface of the internet for information, we’ve put together a straight to the point article with a full report of Morgan Gold Reviews you may want to consider before making any investment decisions.

Better Business Bureau

1 complaint closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

The Better Business Bureau is one of the biggest consumer advocates in the industry. They give companies a grade from A+ all the way to F. Morgan Gold Currently holds an A+ grade from the BBB – meaning that they’ve met the requirements to receive accreditation. While the grade itself is appealing to the eye on the surface level, complaints found on the internet suggest that there’s underlying truths.

There are virtually no reviews or complaints of Morgan Gold, which shows inconsistencies with their A+ grade. Furthermore the BBB has come unto harsh scrutiny in recent times from consumers, claiming that they lack the once rigorous standards once upheld. Any company can pay a small fee, file some paperwork and receive an A+ grade with the BBB. This and other consumer complaints should make one stop in their tracks and consider alternative investment options.

Business Consumer Alliance: Morgan Gold Complaints

Total: 5 Complaints

Like the BBB, the Business Consumer Alliance is another consumer advocate organization – only they’re solely focused on Southern California businesses. The Irvine, CA gold IRA company (Morgan Gold) has had it’s share of complaints filed against them through the BCA website.

Morgan Gold Complaints consisted of misleading advertisements to not holding up their end of agreed contract terms. One client of Morgan Gold says that after investing an initial $30,610.20 with Morgan Gold, their account was closed at $24,510.00. Yet gold rose 21%. The number just didn’t seem to add up and the client requested a full refund, it’s not clear if the refund was ever issues back to the client.

Another client filed a complaint against Morgan Gold, stating that the gold IRA company has not refunded their initial out of pocket storage fee. Essentially the client paid for the storing of precious metals and was never given a refund that Morgan Gold had said it would cover. While the complaint was eventually settled and the client received a full-refund, Morgan gold did not want to live up to their end of the agreement.

There’s Some Good

While consumer complaints will happen in any industry, Morgan Gold is not a bad company. They do have positive reviews and in fact hold their Better Business Bureau A+ grade/accreditation. Another consumer review site, Trustlink, gave Morgan Gold a 5-out-of-5 Star Rating. While this is only based on 5 reviews, it was from happy clients who were pleased with the financial services they received. This is invaluable information and should be taken into consideration when researching any financial company.

Final Assessment

Since being accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010, Morgan Gold has had little to no complaints. For a precious metals company to be around that long and have no negative reviews means one of two things: they either have really great service or have gotten little to no business. While they do have a good reputation with certain consumer advocacy websites, consumer complaints suggest that maybe the accreditation’s received aren’t fully deserved.

When looking for new investment avenues, it’s always best to take the time to research these companies so that you can get a better idea of what company best suits your needs both financially and ethically. It is our conclusion that Morgan Gold is not a bad company but that there are certainly other companies who’s track record far exceeds that of MG. Based on the criteria found, we would hope that the information laid out here would make any smart investor pause and seek out alternative gold IRA companies.

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